4 WWE Stars That Could Break Out This Summer

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Credit: WWE.com

2. Carmella

Its been a whirlwind of a week for The Princess of Staten Island, Carmella. After pulling off the biggest win of her career at Money in the Bank, Carmella was stripped of the briefcase by Daniel Bryan.

The decision was made when Bryan decided it was not fair how Carmella won the briefcase by having James Ellsworth climb up the ladder and get the briefcase for her. Carmella will have a chance on Smackdown Live to win back the briefcase but she will be without Ellsworth who is banned from ringside.

Despite being all alone, the smart money still seems for Carmella to win the briefcase and be once again Miss Money in the Bank. Carmella has seen in the last few weeks that she can speak on the microphone as she cut a really strong promo on Smackdown Live.

Since coming up to the main roster last year during the draft Carmella has continued to improve in all aspects. Her ring work has improved being able to work with females like Becky Lynch, Nikki Bella and Natalya.

She is also becoming one of the best females on the microphone as she continues to get better and better on the microphone. Giving her back the briefcase this week would allow the WWE to continue to build her during the summer.

The briefcase would allow WWE to continue working on making Carmella as complete as she can be and would give her great storyline piece as no one will know she will cash in the briefcase. When she finally cashes in she’ll be ready and WWE could give her reign as Women’s Champion.

Carmella needs to win back her briefcase this Tuesday so WWE can continue to build her this Summer as the next big star on Smackdown Live.