4 WWE Stars That Could Break Out This Summer

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1. Big Cass

In what can be considered one of the more shocking moments this year, Big Cass finally seemed to have enough of his longtime partner Enzo Amore. After weeks of sneak attacks on both Enzo Amore and Big Cass, the attacker was finally revealed on RAW.

After footage from Corey Graves was shown to the fans it was finally discovered that Cass was the one attacking Enzo. For the first time since being on the main roster, Cass was finally to express himself shedding himself from his once catchphrase.

Cass announced his frustrations over his former partner believing that Enzo was keeping him down and preventing him from reaching his potential. In a way the big man was right as Enzo and Cass despite being popular were not winning too much.

The duo never ended up winning Tag Titles either on the main roster or when they were down in NXT despite receiving multiple attempts. The duo in the last few months were losing matches like crazy due in part to Enzo.

Sick of the losing Cass big booted his former friend last week on RAW and now seems poised to start his solo career. The two will probably have a match at Great Balls of Fire in a few weeks but after that Cass should be free to start his solo career.

From what we saw on RAW when given the chance Cass can talk and cut a decent promo when he’s given a chance. With him now with Enzo he should be given more chances to continue building his microphone skills.

With us now in Summer WWE could use these next few months to continue to build and develop Cass to be a main event player down the line. In a couple of months, Cass could enter a feud with a marquee name like Ambrose or Rollins.

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With his power and size along with his growing skills on the microphone, WWE should use the Summer to build Big Cass into a future star for the RAW brand.