WWE Raw: LaVar Ball Goes Face-to-Face With The Miz (Video)


Most of the Ball Family appeared on Monday’s episode of WWE Raw and kind of did nothing.

Before Monday’s episode of Raw went live, WWE announced that Lonzo and LaVar Ball would appear on the show. They would appear on Miz TV, along with LaMelo, who’s one of the three Ball sons.

The Miz welcomed out the Ball Family, who joined the ring, with Big Baller Brand shirts lined up around the ring. This is the brand LaVar developed and has his sons representing. It has sneakers that cost nearly $500.

Well, once the Ball’s entered the ring, it got interesting. Lonzo briefly talked about becoming a Los Angeles Laker and LaMelo didn’t do anything notable. However, the focus turned toward LaVar and Miz, who had a weird exchange. Once the A-lister looked for a fight, LaVar took off his shirt and started running around the ring.

Dean Ambrose interrupted and put an anticlimactic end to the segment. He came out sporting a Big Baller Brand shirt, and the show proceeded to a six-man tag match.

Usually, these celebrities play roles in succeeding matches. However, this didn’t happen, as the Ball’s disappeared from the ring when the next segment aired.

A segment of mostly filler took place here, as it was only for the Ball’s to promote their Big Baller Brand. Lonzo also got to greet the Staples Center for the first time as a Laker, but other than that, it was a strange set of events that may create a minor headline or two.

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This was a segment that WWE fans should move on from. It didn’t mean anything, but only as a filler segment to get the night’s second celebrity on the show (Josh Duhamel randomly appeared to promote a move).