4 Predictions for WWE Raw: June 26, 2017

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Samoa Joe Stands Tall

Throughout the past several weeks, much of the hype surrounding Monday Night Raw has centered on Brock Lesnar and Samoa Joe. Their upcoming encounter is one of the most anticipated matches in quite some time, mostly because this marks the first time they’ve ever competed against one another. If done correctly, this contest could very well legitimize both superstars as tough freaks of nature.

In the case of Samoa Joe, his title match against Lesnar is going to be his first championship opportunity on the main roster. He’s been built as a monster up until this point, but will Joe be allowed to be viewed as an equal to the Beast Incarnate? Should Joe step into the squared circle and live to tell the tale, it’ll only add to the belief that he is worthy of the chance he’s been given.

As for Brock Lesnar, it’s pivotal that the champion be booked as a worthy holder of the Flagship Show’s throne. The Universal Championship has had a short life, and it still needs time to be taken as a serious accomplishment. Having top stars hold the title adds importance, but it also needs to be featured in high-quality contests. We know the Beast has the capability of putting on such encounters when the occasion calls for it. Great Balls of Fire is going to be that occasion, and so you can bet both men, not just Lesnar, are up for the challenge.

This week, WWE is teasing a conflict between Joe and Lesnar once again. If the previous collision was any indicator, things could get very chaotic. Seeing as how Joe needs to be taken seriously in this upcoming match, expect him to stand tall.