4 Predictions for WWE Raw: June 26, 2017

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One Final Title Match

As it currently stands, The Hardy Boyz have only lost one tag match since returning to WWE. That loss came during their Tag Team title defense at Extreme Rules. On that night, the brothers were tasked with defending the gold against Cesaro and Sheamus. While they were unsuccessful in retaining the titles, Matt and Jeff were determined to strike back harder than ever before.

Two weeks ago, the time came for these two teams to meet again. This time, the stipulation was the match took place in a two out of three falls environment. After each team scored a fall, the match came to an end due to a double count out. Due to this, no clear winner has been established in this rivalry. Seeing as how Great Balls of Fire is just two weeks away, this may be the site of one final contest between the two teams.

In terms of who will win the match, it could honestly go either way. Both teams have the opportunity to benefit from a big win, especially this far into their feud. Despite the fact that the Hardy Boyz are a solid team, Cesaro and Sheamus are likely to win here. The reigning champions are in much higher need of a strong victory at this current stage.

Matt and Jeff can easily rebound from the setback, but Cesaro and Sheamus cannot. If they lost at Great Balls of Fire, it’ll be much harder to take them seriously. Just like Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, a loss here would send the current champions down into obscurity. No one wants that to happen, especially with the paper-thin tag division present on Raw.

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