WWE Raw Results: Highlights, Analysis, and Grades for June 26

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A Ball-er Miz TV

Full disclosure: I have no earthly idea who LaVar Ball is. I have never been a basketball fan (probably because I’m terrible at the sport), and college sports, in general, don’t interest me (I’m a teacher, you go to school to learn, not play sports, get off my lawn). From what I heard prior to tonight, LaVar Ball is the real-life Titus O’Neil, right?

(A quick Google search/Wikipedia dive tells me LaVar is a former athlete, probable crazy person, and insane sports parent, and one of his kids just got drafted by the Lakers. See, I do research for this!)

Anyway, even The Miz – who I believe is the best weasel heel in wrestling history – and his phenomenal talking ability can’t salvage this from being a train wreck. So knowing that going in, the fun comes from seeing just how much of a train wreck it can be.

I’d have to say expectations were exceeded. This was so bad it was good. I honestly had no idea what LaVar was saying half the time, but boy was he having fun. Yeah, he was corpsing like a middle school drama actor, but (in his mind) he’s an entertainer, and he was giving it his all.

Thankfully (maybe, I still haven’t figured it out), Dean Ambrose comes out in a Big Baller Brand shirt that he claims was free but he’ll probably get billed for, and he saves us from a Miz/shirtless LaVar confrontation while making jokes about Balls. And we’ll never speak of this again.