WWE Raw Results: Highlights, Analysis, and Grades for June 26

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The Miz, Curtis Axel, & Bo Dallas vs. Dean Ambrose, Heath Slater, & Rhyno

Result: The Miz, Curtis Axel, & Bo Dallas defeated Dean Ambrose, Heath Slater, & Rhyno via pinfall

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars

In just our second match of the night, we get a second six-man tag match. It’s almost like WWE finally remembered there’s a bunch of guys on the roster who are woefully underused, so they’re all getting crammed into multi-man matches. Gotta save time for all those promos!

It’s okay, because it looks like Heath Slater and Rhyno have finally reemerged from the void they must have been trapped in. And I’ve been a Bo-Liever since you had to go to Full Sail or have a Hulu subscription to be in that club. Oh, and the Axe-Man is there, too.

As good as the first match of the night was, this one is not quite as good. When you look at the competitors, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out why. But it’s a perfectly acceptable match. At least this one had match-based commentary – no one wants to shill The Marine 5 any more.

There were a few highlights – Slater’s neckbreakers always look good. The Miztourage seems to have some good chemistry, like they used to team together before or something. And Ambrose let his hatred of The Miz get in the way of working as part of a team, leading to the distraction rollup on Rhyno. Usually distraction rollups are a dumb finish, but this one was mitigated a bit by the distraction coming from a participant in the match. If Maryse caused the distraction, that would be worse.