5 New Finisher Proposals for Bray Wyatt

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Bray Wyatt, Source: WWE.com

Bray Wyatt uses Sister Abigail, which is a great finisher, but he could really use a new one

Bray Wyatt’s Sister Abigail is one of the most unique finishers in WWE. It looks really convoluted in its execution: Wyatt has to spin himself and his opponent around after having to hold them as they’re bent backward for what looks like a very long time. In a way, it’s basically a more complicated version of a DDT. That isn’t to say the move is bad; it’ just that Wyatt needs something else to add to his repertoire of moves.

Wyatt has been using his current finisher for over four years now, and its success as a move has been hit or miss. While Sister Abigail has bought Wyatt some success in big matches, many top stars have also kicked out of it and weakened it. With Wyatt now looking for a new top feud on RAW, he should try and find a second finisher to use going forward.

The reason for this is simple: variety and versatility help improve a wrestler’s image. If they keep using the same move ad infinitum, it’ll lose its luster with the fans, no matter how popular it is. Conversely, if they start doing other moves, their matches become more unpredictable and thus more exciting.

In Wyatt’s case, his only real finisher is Sister Abigail, but he really should look into using other moves to end his matches. Here are five possible new finishers for Bray Wyatt going forward…