5 New Finisher Proposals for Bray Wyatt

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4. A Lariat

One of Wyatt’s biggest attributes has been his blinding speed for a man of his size. Wyatt’s incredibly agile and athletic, which makes him that much better of an athlete. WWE should encourage that idea by bestowing upon Wyatt a move that combines surprising speed with power. The move that does that perfectly is the Lariat.

Wyatt styles himself as a brawler, which would make a stiff strike with his arm an ideal finisher. The lariat is known far and wide as one of the most dangerous and vicious moves in all of wrestling. Wrestlers that have ended matches with a Lariat are presented by WWE and its commentators as vicious, brutal and threatening. All of these are what Wyatt needs to stay at the top of RAW’s roster.

Wyatt’s booking has been so inconsistent that he’s constantly at risk of stagnating in terms of popularity. For him to maintain and extensive growth and popularity, he needs to win more matches decisively and attract the attention of more casual fans. And those casual fans like seeing brutality in the ring and believable moves as finishers. The Lariat fits this bill perfectly, making it an ideal choice for Wyatt.