5 New Finisher Proposals for Bray Wyatt

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3. The Folding Powerbomb

This move might look awkward, but there’s a very good reason why it would work as a finisher. While many wrestlers use a Powerbomb as a signature or finishing move, none in WWE have ever used the Folding Powerbomb. How this move works is that it’s a regular Powerbomb with a unique ending.

Once the victim has been slammed into the canvas, the user lies on top of the victim, putting all of their weight onto that person. This extra weight makes it much harder for the person that had been Powerbombed to get up, thus increasing the user’s chances of winning.

This move would make perfect sense for Wyatt to use for several reasons. He’s a big guy that’s strong enough to lift someone up for a Powerbomb. If he were to ‘fold’ them up with this move, his opponents, most of whom weigh less than him, would struggle to get him off of them.

Finally, Wyatt would have a truly distinct finisher that would further help him stand out from the rest of the roster, many of whom already use power moves to end their matches.