5 New Finisher Proposals for Bray Wyatt

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2. The Stretch Plum

The Stretch Plum is one of those extremely-painful-looking submission holds made famous in Japan. It’s basically a combination of an inverted facelock with an abdominal stretch, while in some cases also hooking an arm to prevent the victim from escaping. The Stretch Plum has never been seen in a WWE ring before, and only a few wrestlers in Japan have ever used it on a regular basis.

For Wyatt to become a more versatile wrestler, he needs something new and unexpected in his arsenal, and the Stretch Plum would fit perfectly. Not only has this move never been seen in WWE, but it also looks extremely painful, both of which are concepts that would really help Bray Wyatt out.

Remember when John Cena started using the STF out of nowhere? That unexpected execution of a submission hold made John Cena into a more convincing top superstar because it showed he was capable of something more technical and unexpected of a ‘showman’ like him.

If Wyatt were to start using the Stretch Plum as a new submission finisher, it would help him rebuild his career. If he were to, for example, go on a winning streak whereby he won every match with this hold, he would be treated as a much bigger deal as a wrestler. This is because wins and losses to matter, and Wyatt needs something that’ll help him win more matches than he does now.