5 New Finisher Proposals for Bray Wyatt

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1. The Shining Yakuza Kick

There is nothing more vicious than a kick right to the face. The Shining Yakuza Kick is one such a move, because it looks absolutely devastating in its execution. This move combines the ‘shining’ part of the Shining Wizard, in that the user runs up to an opponent down on one knee and then uses that knee as leverage to attack their opponent. But instead of hitting that opponent on the side of the head, as one does with a Shining Wizard, the user kicks them directly in the face.

This is one of those moves that makes the user look both strong and agile at the same time. Wyatt already has both of these attributes, but he lacks a proper conduit through which he can show this properly. The Shining Yakuza Kick would thus be a perfect finisher for him.

It would also be a move that, regardless of wrestling’s scripted nature, would look both realistic and believable. After all, if a 285-pound man ran up to you and kicked you in the face with all his might, it would cause considerable damage, no matter how strong you might be.

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With more wrestlers going in the direction of using strike attacks as finishers, perhaps Wyatt should do the same and adopt a devastating-looking kick to the face as his next finisher to complement Sister Abigail.