3 Potential Opponents for Shinsuke Nakamura Before Winning the WWE Title

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Shinsuke Nakamura, WWE.com

Shinsuke Nakamura will need some worthwhile opponents if he wants to ascend through the ranks on Tuesday nights.

Although Shinsuke Nakamura came up short in his efforts to secure a guaranteed title opportunity at Money in the Bank, “The King of Strong Style” still oozes potential as he continues to work his way up the ranks on SmackDown Live.

His debut got off to an incredibly hot start, building suspense for weeks on end after his initial emergence by not competing in a match until WWE Backlash. Although he didn’t win the eponymous ladder match at Money in the Bank, he did put on a tremendous showing that even saw him secure a number of pinfall victories over United States Champion, Kevin Owens leading up to the event.

What Nakamura lacks in promo ability, he more than makes up for in charisma, showmanship and in-ring skills, and it’s that natural star quality that is going to turn this man into a future world champion – should the company allow him to do so.

In order to ensure that, Nakamura needs a number of well-placed rivalries against SmackDown’s brightest, to keep himself relevant in the eyes of the fans, and continue to boost his popularity before his inevitable rise to the top of the card.

The last thing WWE wants is for people to start booing this man because he got pushed too soon. So for now, Nakamura should get settled into his role as a midcarder and continue to justify himself as a worthy contender to the WWE Title.

With that said, a budding prospect like the so-called “Rockstar” isn’t going to impress without a compatible dance partner. Who should he face before his inevitable trek up the mountain? Let’s take a look at the best candidates.