3 Potential Opponents for Shinsuke Nakamura Before Winning the WWE Title

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3. Kevin Owens

While Kevin Owens still has his hands full with AJ Styles after their match at Backlash ended under shady circumstances, pro wrestling logic dictates that because Shinsuke Nakamura now holds a number of pinfall victories over Kevin Owens, he should be next in line for a WWE United States Championship match.

The fact that one of those was a clean one-on-one victory is even better, as Nakamura has already managed to do what AJ Styles could not.

Now, given the direction that Owens’ reign is going in – with him declaring himself as “The New Face of America” – it would be fitting for an actual American to topple him and essentially bring the United States Title back home where it belongs.

Still, even if Nakamura doesn’t come out of this rivalry with the strap, it could end with him looking like a million bucks. Owens has already shown a proclivity for defending his title using dirty tactics, so in the event that Nakamura is closing in on a win and Kevin Owens ends up screwing him out of the title, it could do well to paint “The Artist” as someone well capable of winning a championship.

Title win or not, Nakamura’s past victories over Kevin Owens are undeniable, and should he emerge from his feud with AJ Styles with his title reign intact, Owens should logically have to set his sights on the Japanese sensation next.