4 Predictions for WWE SmackDown Live: June 27, 2017

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A New Briefcase Holder is Crowned

At Money in the Bank, James Ellsworth managed to create a great deal of controversy. During the closing moments of the female MiTB ladder match, he climbed the ladder on behalf of his “friend” Carmella. Unhooking the briefcase and dropping it into her grasp, Ellsworth thought the win was going to be set in stone. After all, you can’t disqualify someone who was never in the match.

While this is true to an extent, the problem for Ellsworth was that no prior precedent had been set. So, fans were eager for Carmella to face some sort of consequence for what happened. SmackDown Live General Manager Daniel Bryan agreed with the sentiment, and his decision impacted not only Carmella, but the Blue Brand as a whole.

Stripping the Princess of Staten Island of the MiTB briefcase, Bryan became the first person to ever strip a superstar of the coveted prize. He also made a blockbuster announcement which has built up anticipation for tonight’s episode. For the first time ever, a MiTB ladder match will take place on live television. All five women who competed in the previous contest have been granted another chance at immortality. The question is, who is going to rise above the rest?

Personally, I only see one of two people winning the briefcase; Carmella or Charlotte Flair. In the case of Carmella, she did show a great deal of potential during her extremely brief time in the spotlight. A run with the briefcase could certainly help her in the long run. As for Charlotte, a continuation of her feud with Naomi could immensely benefit the SmackDown Live Women’s Division.