4 Predictions for WWE SmackDown Live: June 27, 2017

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The Champion Continues Her Reign

When Lana made her debut on the Blue Brand, fans weren’t entirely sure what role she would undertake. It was clear she was going to perform inside the ring, however, her ability to produce a memorable exchange was questionable. Surprisingly, the Ravishing Russian was thrust straight into the number one contender spot. By getting under the skin of Naomi, Lana gained a shot at the title at Money in the Bank.

In her first singles match, Lana showed that she indeed has the potential to develop into a solid performer. She needs time to perfect her craft, but there’s no reason to believe it isn’t doable. Lana certainly has faith in her abilities, and this was more than evident by her actions during the last episode. Challenging Naomi to another title match, the champion lived up to her fighting mentality by accepting. Fast forward to tonight’s show, and we could see an improvement over the previous contest.

At the end of the day, all signs point to Naomi being able to retain her title once more. The Ravishing Russian has shown the ability to succeed as of late, yet lacks the skill necessary to beat someone of Naomi’s caliber. When Naomi emerges victorious, she’ll be one step closer to resuming her rivalry with Charlotte. This is where the real money is for the division currently, because few talents can match their athleticism or star power.

Digressing for a moment, the only exception to the statement above is Becky Lynch. Since losing her championship to Alexa Bliss last year, the Irish Lass has struggled to rebound from the loss. Here’s hoping she gets some clearer direction going forward. Now, back to the business at hand.