4 Predictions for WWE SmackDown Live: June 27, 2017

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The Maharajah Strikes Back

In the main event of last week’s episode, Jinder Mahal battled Luke Harper in singles action. While the action was solid, two talking points came to the forefront which had nothing to do with the match itself. First, Baron Corbin teased cashing-in his Money in the Bank briefcase as the contest came to an end. Even though he chose not to, he reminded both Mahal and the fans that it can happen anywhere at anytime.

Second, Randy Orton decided to interrupt the post-match celebration Mahal was having alongside the Singh Brothers. Rushing down to the ring, the Viper cleaned house as he attempted to beat the Maharajah to pieces. Thanks to his allies, Mahal slipped away from the fight and retreated through the crowd. As a consequence of their actions, both brothers received RKOs from Orton. The slow closed with the Viper surveying the damage and staring down his rival from afar.

Humiliated and embarrassed by the attack last week, Mahal will be looking for revenge here tonight. The WWE Champion is gearing up for one final showdown with Orton, and this week is likely going to build up to that match. It probably won’t happen tonight, which means that some sort of heel shenanigans may take place. Even with his strong booking, Mahal needs to show a more vicious side to his character. Leaving Orton a broken and battered mess would be a great way to instill his credibility to the superstars and fans alike.

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