WWE SmackDown Live Results: Highlights, Analysis, and Grades for June 27

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The Yes Movement Begins SmackDown Live

At the top of the hour, SmackDown Live begins with Daniel Bryan making his way down to the ring. To start things off, he energizes the live crowd, which is already red hot to begin with. Hyping up the top matches of the night, he makes it a point to promote the Money in the Bank ladder match the most. Before he can go any further, Carmella interrupts the segment alongside James Ellsworth.

Showing exceptional skills on the mic, Carmella complained about how the briefcase was taken from her last week. According to her, a match with no rules means that she did nothing wrong, and that she fulfilled the requirements of the contest. Once again, she brings up past winners such as Seth Rollins and Sheamus and talks about how they weren’t stripped of the briefcase when controversy arose.

Responding to Carmella’s remarks, Bryan brings up how most of what Carmella said was right. However, he reminds her that no one ever grabbed the briefcase who wasn’t in the match. James Ellsworth did so, necessitating the decision that was made. Teasing the crowd, he hinted at giving the briefcase back to Carmella but chose to go through with the ladder match instead.

From here, the Chinless Wonder decided to offer his opinion. Insulting Bryan, Ellsworth called him gutless and got directly in his face. Laughing at the remarks, the General Manager struck back by banning his outspoken superstar from the arena. Instructing security to remove him from the building, Bryan watched as Ellsworth was caught by security and escorted from the premises. Unable to change what transpired, all Carmella could do was watch and complain in anger.