WWE SmackDown Live Results: Highlights, Analysis, and Grades for June 27

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The Viper is Ready for a Fight

Before our next segment, Aiden English decided that it was a perfect time to offer a song to the SmackDown Live audience. Instead, his performance was interrupted by none other than Randy Orton. Unamused by English’s singing talents, the Viper ended his night with an RKO. All alone in the ring, Orton brought a chair in and sat until the commercial break came to a close.

Displaying highlights of his attack on Jinder Mahal last week, the Viper refused to leave the ring until he was given what he wants. Threatening to continually attack and destroy Mahal, he promises to act upon his words if another title match isn’t set in stone. Since the WWE Champion didn’t arrive, Orton was fully prepared to cause destruction in the back until Shane McMahon came to the ring.

Since this is a live show and the champion’s health can’t be threatened, the Commissioner let Orton know his actions wouldn’t be tolerated. In response, the Viper stated he would go through with his attacks whether he was employed or not.

While Shane understands that Mahal and the Singh Brothers have crossed a line, he reminds Orton that he’s employed similar tactics in the past. Still, Shane decides to allow the contest, but the stipulation is that Mahal can choose the match type. Orton accepts the terms, which leads to Mahal finally making an appearance. Unhappy with the announcement, the Maharajah talks of prejudice and being treated unfairly. He does name a stipulation though, and it turns out to be the Punjabi Prison match.

Fun fact: the last Punjabi Prison match was between Batista and The Great Khali at the 2007 installment of No Mercy.