NXT: Review, Highlights, and Results June 28, 2017

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Lorcan vs Hideo Itami. Courtesy: WWE

Oney Lorcan vs. Hideo Itami – Part 1

Result: Lorcan def. Itami via Ref Stoppage

Rating: **1/2

What an interesting bit of storytelling here. After being beaten a few weeks ago by Itami, Lorcan looked to exact some revenge. Right for the bell, Lorcan came out firing. Lorcan landed a vicious missile dropkick and a handful European uppercut. Blood immediately started spouting from Itami’s nose. The ref waved of Lorcan while the medical staff looked after Hideo. After a minute of being attended to and a possible broken nose, the ref called off the match. I don’t know if technically Lorcan won, but I am going to give it to him anyways.

Roderick Strong vs. Bobby Roode Video Package

We then rehash the story of Roderick Strong in the lead up to his bout with NXT Champion Bobby Roode. Strong’s personal story is as fascinating as it is sad, and we could be seeing the build up of a great new baby face. Though I think Strong is a great technical wrestler and very likable, there is absolutely no way in hell that Strong will beat Roode next week.

Roode is on a whole other level than the rest of NXT, right now, except for maybe Aleister Black. Having Strong win the title this quickly would do nothing for his character. This first match represents just a sample of what’s in store for him.