Triple H vs. Vince McMahon hould Happen at WWE WrestleMania 34


When Triple H is upset with Vince McMahon on how NXT stars are treated and used after moving to the main roster, great things could happen. Ratings could be boosted on both brands weekly show. The universe could benefit from a great storyline with huge implications.

Picture it. WrestleMania. 2018. New Orleans. The main event isn’t for a World Heavyweight championship. Oh no, it is for something much greater, much more important for the WWE. The main event is for creative control of the entire company. Triple H going head to head with Vince McMahon, with everything on the line.

The build up to the match alone would boost ratings and would be seen on both Raw and SmackDown Live. The back and forth between son-in-law and father-in-law, where Stephanie would align herself in the whole feud. Would she help her husband, or would she be daddy’s little princess and help him to overcome the odds?

It’s well known these days that Triple H is less than happy with how NXT talent has been used once they are called up to the main rosters. This is something I wrote about before, the lost in transition effect that seems to be common upon being brought up. You have these workers who excel and do amazing things in NXT only to be pushed to the back burner once they get that long-awaited call-up.

It’s no wonder that Triple H is upset by this. He works with the men and women of NXT and builds them up to something that is exciting to watch. He gives you something new every week and people tune in. Some people even buy the network solely for NXT programming. Why? Because it is a good, quality product that stands out for its talent.

Then that talent gets the big call up and it seems like they just flatline. It isn’t that they lose what they had in NXT, no not at all. It is more like they are misused, repackaged, and pushed down thanks to main roster politics. Whoever is responsible for creative work on the main rosters don’t get it done when it comes to the new call up talent from NXT.

If you need further proof of this, just take a look at some standouts in NXT now that they are on the main roster. Bayley was hugely over in NXT and her call up was highly anticipated and it was received very well. Now there are times that we don’t even see her and her momentum is all but gone. Shinsuke Nakamura is another great example. He has already undergone a change from The King of Strong Style to the artist, or the Rockstar. He still gains huge pops when his music hits and the fans still love him, but the difference in NXT Nakamura and SmackDown Live Nakamura is clear. Tye Dillinger, a guy who was over in NXT both there and on the main rosters before he had even shown up, is all but invisible on the main roster.

To be fair though, the talent isn’t to blame. They still go out there and give their best, but they can only do what they are allowed to do. That’s where Triple H’s irritation comes into play. The talent isn’t allowed to do what they did in NXT. They are cuffed almost, restrained to what main roster creative hands them. And it’s far from what they can do.

One would think that it would be obvious what the issue is. All you have to do is look at the success of NXT and see that the issues don’t lie there at all. The issue comes on the bigger stages. All the hard work of the superstars and coaches and higher ups at the NXT level is seemingly tossed into the trash and forgotten about. Who wouldn’t be upset about that?

So now, let me take you back to how this article started. Picture it. WrestleMania. 2018, New Orleans. The main event isn’t about a world title this time, it’s about building a company back up to what it once was. It’s about sending out the old and bringing in a new, creative, breath of fresh air. Start the build to the match now, here in June of 2017. Yes, it’s a long way out, but it would be an epic build. One that would bring the ratings up for all shows, because it would happen on all shows.

Raw has NXT stars and SmackDown Live has them, too. Then, of course, there is NXT. You have Triple H appearing on both shows, an advocate if you will to the NXT alumni already there. He begins to speak out, to speak to the misuse of talent. Then you have a storyline that gets interesting because shots at Vince McMahon are taken and he shows up to fire back. Raw and SmackDown Live get a new breath of life from it all. People tune in to see what’s happening and there’s an excitement to wrestling again.

On NXT you can have the stars who refuse to go up to the main rosters until Vince is out of control and Triple H has a larger say. Now you have almost an entirely separate company in NXT and they could go head to head with the main shows in the ring and for ratings and such. It builds all the talent and it builds the shows each separately as well as a unit under the umbrella of WWE.

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It all culminates on the grandest stage of all. Of course, in my mind, I see Triple H winning, retiring Vince and taking control. Now we have shows worth watching, shows that are equal and that give every guy and girl in the locker room more opportunities and chances. Now we can see NXT talent brought up and able to maintain who they are as wrestlers. And really, that isn’t a bad thing at all. In fact, it would push the main roster talent to step up their game and to better themselves. Really, in the end, it would be a win-win for all.