WWE Great Balls of Fire: Strowman Can Turn the WWE Fans Against Him

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3. Strowman should start targeting Roman’s friends

If the early days of this rivalry proved anything, it’s that Roman Reigns doesn’t have to be the only target on Braun Strowman’s radar for the story to progress.

For a while after the infamous backstage assault that gave life to the “I’m not finished with you” catchphrase, Strowman set his sights on Raw mid-carders like Kalisto and The Golden Truth while “The Big Dog” took the time to lick his wounds.

While that alone wasn’t enough to get fans to turn on Strowman, since nobody had any reason to care about his victims, it led nicely into The Big Show stepping forward as the man to challenge Strowman to pick on someone his own size.

That made Show look like a major hero, and though it may not have garnered nuclear heat for Strowman, the fact that his opponent was actually getting cheered is a real change of pace from his run-ins with Reigns up to this point.

So, since it worked relatively well the first time, why not turn it up a notch?

But instead of having Strowman go after nameless mid-carders with no significant role in the weekly proceedings of Raw, he should be targeting the people that Roman Reigns, and more importantly, the WWE Universe, actually cares about.

And when it comes to Roman Reigns, there are two names that instantly spring to mind with regards to people that the fans love – Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins.

It’s long been said that the only way, if any, to get Reigns over as a baby face is to reunite The Shield. And for WWE to capitalize on that here, and showcase Reigns as the good guy and Braun Strowman as the bad guy in this feud, it would make sense for him to go after the men that Roman Reigns once called brothers.

It would align Reigns with people that the fans actually like, it would potentially get heat on Strowman for going up against one the best wrestling groups of all time.

It wasn’t long ago that the fans lost their minds when The Shield joined forces to powerbomb AJ Styles through a table at Survivor Series, so there’s no reason to think they wouldn’t receive a similar reaction doing it to Braun Strowman.