Impact Wrestling Review: Results and Analysis for June 29

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Trevor Lee and Low Ki vs Sonjay Dutt vs Matt Sydal

Result:  Dutt and Sydal def. Lee and Ki via pinfall

Sonjay Dutt has the advantage on Trevor Lee who has had his fair share of struggles since losing his X-Division Championship.  Matt Sydal comes into the match with his technical prowess.  When Low Ki gets into the match, the physicality is immediately increased.

Simultaneous moves can’t turn the momentum to Sydal and Dutt.  The only time they can take control is when Trevor Lee was in the match.  Lee and Low Ki illegally work together to take control but Dutt gets Sydal into the match.  Sonjay Dutt takes out Low Ki setting up a match winning shooting star press from Matt Sydal.

This match had the perfect mix of technical skill and high-flying.  It made Trevor Lee look weak because Dutt and Sydal couldn’t take control unless he was in the match.  There has to be a matter of time before Matt Sydal makes his way fully into the title picture.  I think all Impact Wrestling fans are waiting for Matt Sydal’s run with the X-Division Championship.

Eli Drake and Chris Adonis vs the Mumbai Cats

Result:  Drake and Adonis def. the Mubai Cats

Apparently, the Mumbai Cats have won tag team championship on every continent.  Adonis dominates both Felix and Sylvester while in the match and it’s more of the same for Eli Drake.  Their previous championships didn’t help them in this match was Drake and Adonis swept the floor with them.