Impact Wrestling Review: Results and Analysis for June 29

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Lashley, Davey Richards, EC3, and Kongo Kong vs Alberto El Patron, Eddie Edwards, James Storm, Mahabali Shera

Result:  El Patron, Edwards, Storm, and Shera win

Mahabali Shera makes his way to the ring and gets beat down by the opposing team.  Shera was taken to the back after he was attacked before the match.  The emotion from the attack allows Storm, Richards, and El Patron to gain control.  For once, Lashley is the competitor getting dominated in this tag team match.  EC3 comes in but the tag team psychology pays dividends for the opposite team.

Kongo Kong makes his way into the match to turn the tide. EC3 and Davey Richards retain the control started by Kongo Kong.  Brian Hebner can’t contain Lashley’s team as they are in control and not even tagging in and out.  Mahabali Shera makes his way back to the ring.  He gets into the match and explodes on Team Lashley.  El Patron and Shera take out Lashley and Kongo Kong.

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Alberto El Patron finishes the match with the double foot stomp out of the corner on Kongo Kong. The huge eight man tag team match ends the last Impact Wrestling show in India.