WWE Great Balls of Fire 2017: 3 Reasons Samoa Joe Should Defeat Brock Lesnar

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3. The Universal Title Needs to Be in Weekly Story Lines

When the referees hand hit the mat for a third time at the 4:45 of the Universal Title match at Wrestlemania 33, one of the most head-scratching and frustrating programs came to an end.  By defeating Goldberg, Lesnar had finally gotten the monkey off his back and with one of his biggest foes conquered, Brock could look to the future of his newest title run.

To see the belt back on “The Beast” was a refreshing sight for many WWE fans as now one of the top two titles in the company could again be defended by a guy who had been wreaking havoc on the WWE roster since his return in 2012.

However, with Lesnar as champ once again, the same frustrations that plagued him in that role when he was WWE Champion from August of 2014 until March of 2015 will undoubtedly return.  As we all know, Brock is a part-timer.  In fact, in the 5-plus years he’s been back, he’s only wrestled in 34 matches (cagematch.net).

Sorry, but about only 5 matches per year isn’t good enough from a world champion.  Sure, maybe the mystique of having a world champion who only defends the belt occasionally can make each defense more important, but the fact is that not having a world title as your top, weekly feud, hurts the product.  Heck, Smackdown Live has made a somewhat compelling program out of a Jinder Mahal title run.  That just proves how much fans think of the idea of the top guy.

With Joe, you’re getting a guy who’s about as active as it gets.  Since being called up to the main roster in January of this year, Joe has wrestled in 52 matches already, (cagematch.net) while being part of some compelling angles.  It’s time to return the Universal Title to full-time status and Joe should be that full-timer to do it.  Let Lesnar compete in big grudge matches that help the young talent move forward, and let “The Samoan Submission Specialist” handle the title scene.