WWE: 5 most awful pay-per-view names of all time

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WWE will bring us the PPV event Great Balls of Fire on July 9th. As bad as this name is, are there any other PPV names worse than this?

WWE is known for introducing us to some outlandish gimmicks. They have also introduced us to some pretty terrible Pay-Per-View names as well. As a result of the brand split, the addition of old  PPVs are common and sometimes new ones are created.

Earlier this year Great Balls of Fire was chosen as the name for the July RAW brand PPV. There properly were a lot of kids in detention behind the name of this one. This PPV name is bad but does it rank as one of the five worst PPV names of all time?

5. In Your House: It’s Time

This list starts off with a very dull and boring PPV name. The In Your House series has had its share of crappy PPV names. The It’s Time PPV is the second worst out of the series. It was supposed to feature superstar Vader. However, he never was on the card because he was injured. Consequently, it made the name choice pretty pointless.

Another fact about this PPV show that made it worse, is that it featured the fake Razor Ramon and Fake Diesel (who later came to be known as Kane) vs British Bull Dog and Owen Hart. Also, it was good ole Jim Ross doing some pretty bad heel work on the announcing during that match. It saw a 13 count in an “Armageddon” match for Undertaker to win against Executioner. This name and card were bad, but it gets worst.