WWE Great Balls of Fire 2017: Can Bray Wyatt Break the Big Match Jinx?


Can Bray Wyatt break out of the big match issues that have plagued his WWE career?

In a week’s time, the WWE will be airing their next network special. At Great Balls of Fire, we will see Bray Wyatt go toe to toe with Seth Rollins.  On the surface, this seems like a standard match between two of the company’s top stars.

Wyatt is known mostly for being the leader of the WWE’s resident cult family.  His cryptic promos can be things of myth and mystery.  Though that is not the only thing that Wyatt is known for since arriving on the main roster.  Since the Wyatt family made their debut on the big stage, their patriarch has had a spotty record in big matches.  It seems that every time that Wyatt has himself on the doorstep of the big moment, he gets chopped down at the knees.

The upcoming bout with Rollins is no different for Wyatt.  Rollins is riding a wave of momentum that will be near insurmountable.  A big WrestleMania win over Triple H, a PPV win over Samoa Joe and now the latest video game cover.  Rollins is almost untouchable right now and the Eater of Worlds just may be the next speed bump.  Wyatt proved himself to be a top guy in the company when he won the WWE Championship at the Elimination Chamber event, earlier this year.  He would soon lose the title to Randy Orton at Wrestlemania and Wyatt was back on his familiar path.

Fans the world over have seen this movie play itself out on the screen before.  Wyatt builds a level of momentum that feels unstoppable.  In moments of elevation, Wyatt has often disappointed. Wrestlemania has been the biggest thorn in the side of Wyatt.  In big Mania matches, Wyatt has lost to John Cena, Undertaker, and most recently Randy Orton.  

This brings us back to Sunday, July 9.  Wyatt once again is in a marquee matchup with another top guy who seems to have the world behind him.  In the past this has been the undoing of Wyatt.  The Eater of Worlds has a tall task at WWE: Great Balls of Fire in Houston, Texas.  He has to defeat the man now known as The King Slayer.  The man that has single handily taken it upon himself to bring down the entire McMahon-Helmsley regime.  This is the story of Wyatt on the big stage.  The guy that works his tail off and gets his fingertip on that brass ring just to have the carpet swept out from beneath him.

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I can’t definitively say whether or not at Great Balls of Fire, Wyatt will win or lose.  What I find worrisome, is the track record of a man that when the lights start to get brighter, his demeanor withers.  This isn’t a slight against the man himself.  This is more of an argument against the machine behind the man.  Wyatt has done everything within his power to get to where he is despite the machine not always being behind him.  At Great Balls of Fire, Wyatt may fall victim to a similar booking pattern that has stifled him in the past.  He just may shock the world and make good on his promises.