Is This Matt Hardy Tweet Good News for the ‘Broken’ Gimmick?


Matt Hardy posted an interesting tweet which didn’t confirm anything, but may have meant plenty toward an ongoing saga.

Matt Hardy and Anthem went through a battle of the “Broken” gimmick since Hardy and his brother, Jeff went to the WWE in April. It mostly played out on Twitter, with claims about Anthem’s ownership of filed trademarks and if anything Broken-related belongs to the Hardys.

There hasn’t been anything to indicate the Hardys getting the opportunity to use this gimmick in the WWE. However, could this tweet from Matt mean something?

On Sunday afternoon, Hardy tweeted a “massive thanks” to fans that “backed #HouseHardy in the latest “#GreatWar..” His next sentence is what will turn heads, as he said “we are days away from winning.”

Afterward, Hardy tweeted about a trespasser on his property and about Raw in Phoenix, AZ. So there was no followup to this.

Could this tweet mean something? If it does, then WWE fans that wanted to see the “Broken” gimmick on Raw would be in luck. That would bring more meaning to the sporadic “delete” arm movements the Hardys have done, along with the “delete” chants that they’ve had to mostly ignore on WWE TV.

Of course, that tweet may mean something completely different, maybe something storyline-related to what the Hardys have done on Raw. They’re in a feud with Cesaro and Sheamus for the Raw Tag Team Championships.

Option three is, that the tweet has no meaning. That would obviously come as a disappointment to those that want the “Broken” gimmick in the WWE.

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The “Broken” gimmick on WWE TV would be an interesting sight to see. It’s far from a guarantee of happening, but as the old saying goes: anything can happen in WWE. So will we see the Hardys in this different form?