4 Predictions for WWE Raw: July 3, 2017

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The Big Dog Shows Life

After making a shocking return from injury, Braun Strowman immediately struck against the man who put him on the shelf; Roman Reigns. Proclaiming that their feud is far from over, the Monster Among Men has left the Big Dog down and out and multiple occasions. This Sunday, Strowman hopes to be able to do so yet again, only this time in a no holds barred environment. Within the confines of an ambulance match, Strowman will look to remove Reigns from Monday Night Raw.

Normally, those who try and confront Strowman end up being crumpled into bits and tossed aside. However, there is no one in WWE who has the durability and fortitude of the Big Dog. Reigns has accomplished a great deal during his time on the main roster, and he seems to show no signs of slowing down. In fact, at SummerSlam, Reigns will be competing for the Universal Championship.

If he hopes to make it to that match, the Big Dog needs to strike hard and fast against Strowman. Otherwise, there’s no reason to assume why Strowman wouldn’t replace him in the high-profile contest. Because of this, Reigns should use tonight’s episode of Raw as the time for him to reestablish his intensity. At some point, the two are destined to interact, and whoever stands tall by the end of it will be a favorite to win on Sunday. Knowing the value momentum can have on a performer, Reigns will fight tooth and nail to secure it.

In terms of what will cause them to interact, it’ll either be a contract signing or one man conducting a promo and being interrupted by the other. How it’s established doesn’t matter, but for Reigns success tonight is a must.