4 Predictions for WWE Raw: July 3, 2017

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The Great Balls of Fire Match-Card is Finalized

Despite Great Balls of Fire being just six days away, several matches have yet to be confirmed. As it currently stands, only five contests have been made official for the event. Without a doubt, this is an issue which will be rectified tonight on Raw. The only question is, who can we expect to see inserted into the historic card?

Right off the bat, another encounter between Dean Ambrose and The Miz has to be announced. These two are destined to meet inside the squared circle, and this Raw-exclusive event is the perfect place to do so. Unfortunately for the Lunatic Fringe, his chances of winning the contest don’t appear to be too high. Miz has the numbers game on at his disposal, plus his wife Maryse is always a factor. Still, the performance both men will produce at the event makes up for the predictability aspect.

Also, one final showdown featuring the Hardy Boyz and the reigning Tag Team Champions is most definitely going to be confirmed. The two teams have been at war for months now, and yet they appear no closer to a resolution. While the Hardy Boyz are a highly talented duo, odds are the tag team titles won’t be returning to them. Cesaro and Sheamus are finally gaining momentum thanks to their win at Extreme Rules. It’d be rather foolish (and pointless) to put the titles back on the veteran team.

All in all, Great Balls of Fire is shaping up to be an awesome show. Hopefully, WWE can capitalize on the potential buzz and draw in some decent ratings.

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