WWE Great Balls of Fire 2017: 5 Bold Predictions

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4. Neville Loses the Title

I am not a fan of title matches being held on the Kick Off Show, this match was bumped likely because the Tag Team match is a 30 minute one. It is unfortunate, however no matter the case these two will have a great match. The bold prediction here is that Tozawa pins Neville and captures the title. Neville has been untouchable as Champion and that is a good thing, he is the man that has saved the Cruiserweight division and he is their biggest name. But he can’t hold that title forever and a big surprise upset is something that these guys need.

Interest needs to be there for the division, and Austin Aries is out right now and Tozawa has slowly built up a big fan base and he does get a good reaction every time he competes. There would be nothing wrong with him being champion and actually defeating Neville will be huge for him. A new Cruiserweight champion would be the big shake up the division needs, something isn’t quite working even with the great Neville so why not change it up?