WWE Great Balls of Fire 2017: 5 Bold Predictions

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1. Samoa Joe Becomes the New WWE Universal Champion

Now this prediction is a real long shot, but it is something no one is going to see coming if it does. The build up for this match has been excellent, the heat between these two guys is red hot. They have all done a great job to build this up as a must see match, and it needs to have a good amount of time devoted to it. We saw Lesnar defeat Goldberg at WrestleMania and he hasn’t defended the title yet. Samoa Joe is a big credible threat to Lesnar, if anyone is going to have a chance to beat him and take the title away this, is the guy.

It is being said this will be a once off match, and if Joe doesn’t win where does he go next? Right now Raw needs a champion who will be on the show every week, Lesnar isn’t that champion and it has unfortunately hurt the product in a big way. If they are saving a title change for Summerslam that makes sense, however if they do make it happen on a smaller PPV it gives fans reason to watch these events and get the WWE Network. It is something that really shows anything can and will happen and you need to absolutely tune in to see what is next.

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Samoa Joe is someone who can be a top star in the company for years to come, a title reign after defeating Brock Lesnar says a lot. The fact that he was chosen for this match speaks volumes on how much faith the company has in him. It needs to go further, he is a draw and fans enjoy seeing his work. Give us the big win and surprise us WWE, I dare you.