WWE Great Balls of Fire 2017: 3 Predictions for Brock Lesnar vs. Samoa Joe

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RAW. Photo by WWE.com

3. Brock Lesnar Retains the Title Cleanly

To say this would be undercutting the action would be a crime. Lesnar Vs Joe has been taunted as a battle between two giants. This time, it is not like David going up against Goliath. Joe has proven time and again that he is indeed in every way, a match for Lesnar. As such, to end all this build up with a clean win for Lesnar would be devastating.

At least, for Samoa Joe, it would be devastating. Since his main roster debut, Joe has been booked efficiently as a total bad ass. Ending the match with a clean win for Lesnar would severely impact all the build-up creative has done for Joe until now. As such, this would be the least possible outcome.

However, if it is bound to end this way, creative better come up with something good for Joe. They could perhaps have Lesnar trap him in a submission hold and have Joe pass out. That would protect him at least from the shame of tapping out. That is in no ways, supporting the notion that Brock should go over cleanly. Samoa Joe is a great talent and would make an excellent Universal champion if WWE is invested in him. Hoping that the night doesn’t end this way, let us move on to our second prediction.