WWE Raw Results: Highlights, Analysis, and Grades for July 3

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Raw, Source: WWE.com

This week on Raw, all the pieces for Great Balls of Fire fell into place. WWE took over Phoenix for the build to Sunday’s pay per view.

Previously on WWE Raw, Roman Reigns had yet another unfortunate encounter with an ambulance. This time, Braun Strowman used a sneak attack to toss Reigns into the side of the emergency vehicle. With an Ambulance Match coming up at Great Balls of Fire, Braun proved he has the upper hand by throwing Reigns into the back and having the ambulance drive away.

Last week, there was also a reunion between Enzo Amore and Big Cass – albeit a very brief one. Enzo pleaded his case to his former partner, and it looked like Cass saw the error of his ways. But, in WWE’s latest “we’re on top of the ramp and everything is okay BUT WAIT” moment, Cass annihilated Enzo once again.

Finally, Samoa Joe gained an incredible mental advantage over Brock Lesnar by making him turn a nasty shade of purple. Lesnar intended to call Joe out for a fight, but he got jumped from behind and trapped in the Coquina Clutch. Paul Heyman claimed Joe is a coward who needs to attack from behind, but the damage was done.

This week, the Phoenix desert was the backdrop for the last episode of Raw before Great Balls of Fire. With the above action plus more taking place, it was a jam-packed night in the sweltering Arizona heat. Did WWE succeed at making Great Balls of Fire a must see event?

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