WWE Raw Results: Highlights, Analysis, and Grades for July 3

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Intercontinental Championship Match

The Miz (c) (w/ Maryse and the Miztourage) vs. Heath Slater (w/ Rhyno)

Result: The Miz defeated Heath Slater via pinfall to retain the Intercontinental Championship

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

I’d wager money that a lot of fans had incredibly low expectations for this match. But that’s a mistake, if you ask me. Part of the problem stems from Slater being part of a comedy tag team (and part of multiple comedy stables before that). Let’s not forget, Slater has been around a loooooong time, and before 3MB/Social Outcasts, he was a serious competitor who did well for himself.

Throw him in a singles match with future Hall of Famer The Miz, and why shouldn’t it be a better than average match? It’s nothing super special, but it was solid and exciting. On a three hour episode of Raw – a show with a tendency to drag quite often – that’s hugely important.

If we get rid of the commentary (yes, even Ambrose calling out the sheer awfulness of “Great Balls of Fire” as a pay per view name), the match is even better. Watch these two guys bump their rear ends off for each other. Slater planted himself on a DDT, and Miz returned the favor on a rebound neckbreaker. The outcome was never really in doubt, but it was a lot of fun to watch this one.

Speaking of the outcome, it was a lousy distraction finish. Slater got caught up in Axel and Dallas attacking Rhyno and fell to a Skull Crushing Finale. A beatdown ensued after the match, causing Ambrose to get involved, and he too got beat down.

If Raw continues to have the time each week to get Axel, Dallas, Slater, and Rhyno on the show, it can only improve things. There’s plenty of downtime every week that can be filled with these guys having matches. Give them a chance and see what happens. Look what Slater pulled off tonight.