WWE Raw Results: Highlights, Analysis, and Grades for July 3

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The Shattered Truth

I don’t care what anyone says, “Ode to Joy” is a perfect choice for background music to a beating. There’s just something about Beethoven – even at his cheeriest – that lends itself to brutality. Great editorial choice by Goldust.

Other than that, I feel like if there’s many more delays in this Goldust/R-Truth feud reaching an actual match, the ship will sail. It’s already been a few weeks, and the closest we came was R-Truth trying not to hit the cameraman. It’s time to move this along already.

Side note: Did R-Truth learn teleportation from Little Jimmy?

Crews Can’t Lose

Apollo Crews wants to please Titus O’Neil so much that he’s willing to leave his new child fatherless. Titus informed him about Strowman looking for competition, and tried to persuade his protege to accept. Although there was a nice little song and dance, we don’t know if that match is actually happening or not.

An Irishman Walks Into The Bar

Apparently, Sheamus & Cesaro are running through every stipulation known to man in their feud with the Hardy Boyz. At Great Balls of Fire, the two teams will face off in a 30-minute Iron Man match. It’s a good call, since there’s been a ton of back and forth between them.

Bigger news for Raw tonight: Cesaro wants – and is getting – a match against Finn Balor. Indy nerds everywhere rejoiced (myself included).