WWE Raw Results: Highlights, Analysis, and Grades for July 3

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Brock Lesnar and Samoa Joe Face Off! (In Two Separate Locations)

Before getting into the interview here, I just want to point out how terrific the video package highlighting the feud was. I feel like a broken record whenever I mention this, but WWE has some of the best video production technicians on the planet working for them. So many big match preview packages are of a top quality. If the Raw writing team had the same consistency as the video team, no one would ever have a complaint.

As far as the “face to face” interview, it shouldn’t be possible to hype this match more than what’s already been done. But here we are – Joe is a man possessed, he can’t control himself in the slightest. Lesnar, safely hidden away, is the same confident, cocky, irritating, fearless monster he’s always been. There’s no immediate danger of his face matching Harold’s crayon, if you get my drift.

Lesnar points out that Joe means nothing because of who holds the championship. Joe flips out and roams the arena looking for Lesnar, because he needs to prove that he is the most dangerous man on the planet right now. And Lesnar still shows no fear, but only because he knows there’s no way Joe will get to him. He may be simple, but he ain’t dumb – Brock knows he’s separated from Joe for a reason, and Angle won’t let their paths cross.

Sure, it takes half a dozen security guards, referees, and agents to hold Joe back, but who at this point doesn’t want to see Joe rip Lesnar’s head off?