4 Predictions for WWE SmackDown Live: July 4, 2017

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Lana’s Main Event Run Concludes

Several weeks ago, Lana made her official singles action debut. Up against the SmackDown Live Women’s Champion, no one quite knew what to expect from the Ravishing Russian. In just her first solo showing though, Lana showed a great deal of potential and development since her time as a valet. Things didn’t turn out the way she planned at Money in the Bank, but she set out to claim the title again.

During the last episode, Lana competed one on one with Naomi for the Women’s Championship. The match was anything but memorable, with Naomi making short work of Lana and retaining the gold. After the contest, an emotional Lana couldn’t utter a word about her humiliating loss. For a time, it appeared as though her quest for the championship was over.

Taking her frustrations to Twitter, Lana pointed out that her shoulders hadn’t been down on the mat. Therefore, she claimed that the win was a fluke and that another title shot was needed. Agreeing with his talent, General Manager Daniel Bryan made the match official for tonight. Now entering her third championship match in less than a month, what does Lana have to do to emerge victorious?

Unfortunately for the Ravishing Russian, the time for her to ascend the ladder isn’t now. Her skills are adequate, however, she needs more opportunities to develop her in-ring style. It’s good that she’s been paired with Naomi in recent weeks, as it has allowed Lana to work with a quality opponent, speeding the time in which she grasps the material. Going forward, tonight is probably the end of Lana’s title aspirations, at least for now.