WWE SmackDown Live Results: Highlights, Analysis, and Grades for July 4

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Ms. Money in the Bank Arrives

The next segment of the night has the current Ms. Money in the Bank, Carmella, celebrating her historic win from last week. With James Ellsworth beside her, the duo made their way down to the squared circle and wasted little time in addressing the SmackDown Live audience. Ellsworth was the first to take the mic, claiming that he was cancelling Independence Day so that all the attention would be on Carmella’s celebration. Introducing his Carmella, the Chinless Wonder stood as his “friend” took the reins.

Choosing to belittle the audience for influencing Daniel Bryan to redo the MiTB ladder match, The Princess of Staten Island touted that one cannot always get what they want. That is of course, unless you’re Carmella. Stating that she intends on defeating Naomi for the title, her comments led to the champion coming out and retaliating.

Before responding to Carmella’s comments, Naomi took a moment to congratulate her for the win. She doesn’t seem to be worried about Ms. Money in the Bank in the slightest, a fact she made clear to Carmella. Turning her attention to Ellsworth, Naomi let him know that someone else wanted to talk to him.

At that moment, Daniel Bryan came down to the ring to a chorus of “Yes” chants. Cutting down the Chinless Wonder, the General Manager unleashed a volley of punishments. Not only is Ellsworth set to be fined 10,000 dollars, he’s also suspended for thirty days. Demanding that his talent leave the arena at once, a clearly disgruntled Ellsworth left with Carmella to end the segment.