WWE SmackDown Live Results: Highlights, Analysis, and Grades for July 4

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Randy Orton vs Aiden English

Result: Aiden English wins via disqualification

Rating: 3.75 out of 5 stars

As a result of the RKO Randy Orton gave to Aiden English last week, the two men were scheduled to compete here tonight. Moments before the match took place, English decided it was time to perform a song for the SmackDown Live audience. He wasn’t able to complete it though, because the Viper interrupted the song and made his entrance. Angered by this, English struck Orton with the microphone to begin the fight.

While Orton was recovering on the outside, English led us into a commercial break by continuing his song. When the cameras returned to the action, the Viper was in the middle of beating English within an inch of his life. Pummeling him throughout the ringside area, Orton drew the disqualification finish when he used the steel steps. Tossing his opponent back into the ring, Orton capped things off with the RKO.

From here, things became even more engaging as Jinder Mahal appeared on the entrance stage. Insulting America, Mahal quickly experienced a chorus of USA chants courtesy of the live crowd. Hyping up their contest at Battleground, the WWE Champion talked about how he intends on defeating the Viper once more. Responding to Mahal, Orton that people truly do despise him, calling him a jackass in the process. The two engaged in a brief staredown to end their interaction and the segment.

Shifting focus to the backstage area once again, Tyler Breeze (with Fandango) interviewed Tye Dillinger dressed as Renee Young. Yes, you read that correctly. Calling himself Tenee Young, he asked Dillinger about his strategy in the battle royal. In response, the Perfect Ten reminded Breezango that they may face each other during the main event. For good measure, he called Tenee a 10.