5 Reasons Braun Strowman Should Main Event WWE SummerSlam

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3. Crowd Pleaser

Part of the whole “Reality Era” in WWE is the apparent elimination of true faces and heels. Characters are presented as is, and alignments are left more or less up to the fans. And while he’s a very bad man, Braun Strowman has received some of the largest pops on Raw.

When Strowman debuted with the Wyatt Family in late 2015, he was clearly a manifestation of evil. And when the WWE Draft split him up from the family, he was still a bad dude. But at some point since last summer, Braun has inexplicably become a favorite of the WWE Universe. He’s still presented as a heel, though.

Perhaps this is due to his long running feud with Roman Reigns. There’s a large, very vocal segment of most crowds who despise everything about The Big Dog. And Braun has reaped the benefits of that reaction.

Why shouldn’t one of the most popular superstars get the main event spot? If you want fans to buy tickets, or subscribe to the Network, you need to give them something worth tuning in for. Remember, it took a while, but Daniel Bryan finally rode his immense popularity to a stay in the main event. Hopefully it doesn’t take Strowman as long to get to that point, but the fans are definitely clamoring for him.