WWE Great Balls of Fire 2017: Match Order Predictions

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RAW Tag Team Championship Match – 30 Minute Ironman
Sheamus and Cesaro (c) vs. The Hardy Boyz

Kicking off the show with a 30-minute Iron Man Match could be a cause for concern, but hear me out.

First off, why would it be a cause for concern? Well, a lot of casual fans, quite honestly, don’t want to sit and watch a 30-minute match. Shoot, I’m not exactly pumped to watch it myself. With that said, the crowd will likely be into it as well as many of the WWE’s niche audience these days, so it will be fine.

Back to why you kick off the show with this match: Time, time, time. Sure, The Hardy Boyz will be over from the word “go” and kicking off the main card with them is never a bad idea, but this way, you get everything out of the way time wise such as the match, the entrances, and everyone exiting the ring and the WWE can book matches after that accordingly to make sure their time doesn’t get squished.

While this doesn’t really have anything to do from a “keeping the viewer entertained throughout” mantra, it will be perfect for booking the card and match lengths thereafter.

Not sexy, but it makes sense.


Intercontinental Championship Match
The Miz (c) vs. Dean Ambrose

Is it just me, or have The Miz and Dean Ambrose been going at it for like eight months now?

While the rivalry itself is boring, The Miz’s mouth on the mic is always entertaining to say the least.

This rivalry has some decent story to it, however it does involve some bear costumes with humans inside and Lavar, Lonzo, and LaMelo Ball.

Right after the Iron Man Match, this will be a nice match to transition to since there is a bit of a story to it and it should hold the audience.

Also, with this match happening, the viewer still has the “Big Three” stories to look forward to.

Being booked lower on the card doesn’t hurt the value of the Intercontinental Championship or anything like that, but there is enough here to hold the viewer.

For example, does The Miztourage help The Miz out when the referee isn’t looking? Does The Miz do something in the match that puts Maryse over the edge which makes her finally leave and Ambrose goes over? There’s a few different outcomes that the audience can toy with as the match goes on, and here’s the best part: One of them is bound to happen.

This will be a great second match to book on the card.