WWE Great Balls of Fire 2017: 5 Potential Swerves

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Photo courtesy of WWE.com

Akira Tozawa

Since the Cruiserweight Classic, Tozawa has been the one to watch.  He put on an impressive performance during his time there, and continues to wow the crowds on Raw.  Prior to his debut, Tozawa’s hype was built up through a series of vignettes.  Even then, there was an indication that there was a possibility that he could be the one to end Neville’s reign of terror in the Cruiserweight Division.

Tozawa is much like Shinsuke Nakamura in that his speaking abilities are limited.  However, like Nakamura, his charisma is what gets him over with the fans.  Charisma is the universal language for both men and works in their favor.  There shouldn’t be any doubt that Tozawa can fill the babyface role in the Division.

There is no doubt that Neville has been on fire since his rebirth as the King of the Cruiserweight Division.  He has definitely earned the Comeback of the Year award if there is such a thing.  Until now, there has been no one in the Cruiserweight Division who could stop the former NXT Champion.  Austin Aries couldn’t even stop Neville, so if Tozawa is able to outsmart the Champion at Great Balls of Fire, it would be a shocker to start the night off with.