Impact Wrestling: Results and Highlights for July 6

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A New LAX Member?

LAX is in their clubhouse playing cards with their members.  Konnan reveals that he will announce the newest member of the group later tonight.

Alberto El Patron Makes His First Comments as Unified Champion

The show starts with the new unified World Champion, Alberto El Patron.  He is flanked by his brother and father who were also in his corner at Slammiversary.  Alberto El Patron is ready for a party tonight and that’s why he has once again brought his family with him.  He shows respect for his family and also revealed that his brother would be joining GFW Impact soon.  El Patron listed his match at Slammiversary as his most difficult ever and that he has earned his respect.

He states that everyone in this world gets a chance at the World Championship.  He doesn’t even mind if you are in the crowd but is interrupted by the former champion, Lashley.  Lashley calls El Patron an ego-manic and knocks over his champagne.  This is no time for a party calling Alberto El Patron’s win simply a fluke.  Lashley states that perhaps it’s time to build a wall around the El Patron’s because they don’t belong.  Dos Caras slaps Lashley and this entire altercation and Alberto El Patron wants a match right now with the World Championship on the line.

Bruce Prichard makes it clear that there still can’t be any physical altercation between Josh Matthews and Jeremy Borash.  He even throws the Pope into the mix which even confuses Pope.

Sonjay Dutt vs Caleb Konley

Result: Dutt def. Konley via pinfall

Dutt and Konley abide by the code of honor before the start of this X-Division match.  As Dutt looks like he is going to take control, Caleb Konley comes back with a stiff forearm.  Konley looks more aggressive in the early portion of this match.  He understands how important a win over the X-Division Champion could be a boost for the newcomer.  Konley continues his forward offense with a sunset flip powerbomb into the turnbuckle.  The overzealous Konley allows Dutt to fight his way back into the match.  Sonjay Dutt defeats Caleb Konley with a top rope splash.

After the match, Trevor Lee ends Sonjay Dutt’s celebration.  He attacks the X-Division Champion and then declares himself the new X-Division Champion.  Trevor Lee then steals the X-Division Championship with the champion is still lying prone in the middle of the ring.