Impact Wrestling: Results and Highlights for July 6

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Veterans of War, Grado, and Eddie Edwards vs Mario Bokara, Fallah Bahh, Eli Drake, and Chris Adonis

Result:  VOW, Grado, and Edwards def. Bokara, Bahh, Drake, and Adonis via pinfall

Wilcox and Eli Drake start the match and the strength of Wilcox is quickly showcased.  As Team America AF (and Grado) begin to take control, they start to have a little fun.  Grado comes in to hit his signature flip flop and fly but the good time is ended by Chris Adonis.  Bokara and Bahh begin to work together to extend their edge over Team America AF.  Eddie Edwards makes his way into the match on fire.  The match starts to break down but it all ends with Eddie Edwards.  Edwards hits the Boston Knee Party on Mario Bokara to win the match for his team.

After the match, Joseph Park comes out with some paperwork for Grado.  When he shows Grado, he reacts negatively.  It is never announced to the crowd but by Grado’s reaction, it doesn’t look to be good for the returning UK star.

Matt Sydal vs Braxton Sutter

Result: Sydal def. Sutter via pinfall

Although the match starts off technically, the striking power of Braxton Sutter was utilized to start the match.  Sydal fights back with his speed and agility but the strength of Braxton Sutter is the key factor.  Matt Sydal shows off his striking ability as well and finds his groove in the match.  Matt Sydal continues to build on his momentum towards the X-Division Championship after defeating Braxton Sutter with the Shooting Star Press.  After the match, Braxton Sutter’s frustration gets the best of him after he rips his arm away from Allie and now leaves the fans wondering what will happen next.

Konan mentions that he has Impact on notice due to the new member that he had noted earlier. He wants LAX to show who it is instead of telling who this new member.  Konnan states that LAX will be bloodier, deadlier, and colder than ever.