5 Reasons Roman Reigns Should Main Event WWE SummerSlam

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Credit: WWE.com

3. The Big Dog is a Big Draw

Speaking of business, there is no greater part of the business aspect of the sports entertainment world than the amount of people the company can draw in to view their product. This will bring a rise in WWE Network subscriptions, ticket sales, and will hopefully get people to tune in more often.

Drawing a big crowd can be done through a variety of tactics like strong promotion, good storytelling, and having recognizable names among others. Basically, WWE does whatever it takes to make viewers interested in their product.

While the skill of the wrestlers and storylines do help create interest, the involvement of big and recognizable names are what really draw people to WWE shows. This is why recognizable faces like Lesnar, Goldberg, Triple H, Shane McMahon, and The Undertaker are often used at WrestleMania to draw in as many casual fans as possible.

Some may say that using these recognizable names too much takes away the opportunity to create new stars in the industry. However, if a new star is paired up with a recognizable face, tht new star will get a tremendous rub going forward.

So, if Roman Reigns, the main eventer of the last three WrestleManias, goes up against someone like Samoa Joe in the main event of SummerSlam after Joe has already defeated Brock Lesnar, that will make Samoa Joe a bonafide star in the business whether he wins or loses.

If Roman Reigns ends up facing Lesnar, people will recognize both men, and it will be a blockbuster main event that will attract many viewers to one of WWE’s biggest shows. Strowman, however is not at that level yet.

Sure, Strowman could use a rub from Lesnar to reach superstardom, but when it comes to one of the biggest shows of the year, it’s sometimes best to use your safety net: Roman Reigns.