WWE Great Balls of Fire 2017 Predictions

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Enzo Amore vs Big Cass

On the June 19 episode of RAW, this writer finally got his wish.  After teaming together for 5 years and with marginal success, Big Cass turned on Enzo Amore, booting his now former buddy in his mouth after verbally berating his worth to the team.  Cass followed that up with another beating the following week after lulling Enzo into a false sense of security.  The barrage ended with Cass hurling “The Certified G” down the entrance ramp in what was a savage onslaught.  The new found mean side of Cass was a breath of fresh air but the left a very big question mark on where Enzo would go now.

Conventional wisdom would think that Sunday night will be a showcase for Cass.  He’s a 7 foot monster with tremendous athleticism and can work the microphone.  Normally the WWE pushes guys like that to the moon.  One would think that after tearing through his former partner at Great Balls of Fire, he’d go on to Summerslam and take on someone like The Big Show or Kane and get himself a signature win on a huge stage.

But then the July 3rd RAW happened.  Enzo came out and cut a dynamite promo on the feud with Cass.  He was focused, sharp, and seemed to have one goal in mind: revenge.  And then after attacking Cass backstage with led to another altercation, this program suddenly didn’t seem like a one and done.  This has a bright, albeit small, future.  Look for Enzo to take a serious beating but refuse to give up.  This will enrage Cass enough to do something to get disqualified giving Enzo a win and a reason for them to do it one more time at Summerslam.

Winner by DQ: Enzo Amore