WWE Great Balls of Fire 2017 Predictions

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Ambulance Match
Roman Reigns vs Braun Strowman

Ambulance and stretcher matches are notoriously terrible and the fact that the WWE keeps going to the well with them his mind-bending.  The idea of transporting an opponent on something that is normally used to help people is beyond silly.  Now the Reigns-Strowman ambulance match does make sense.  After all, it was Strowman that essentially tried to murder Reigns a couple of times with an ambulance involved, so I get it.  But come on, this feud deserves more.

But on to the match.  If all the rumors swirling out there right now are accurate, the winner of this match will have some serious business in August.  It appears that the winner of this match will get a shot at whoever walks out of Great Balls of Fire at Summerslam.  Reigns has been down this path with Lesnar before but Strowman has not, and a match of that magnitude on that stage for a world championship would be a career changer.

So now the WWE has a conundrum.  Do they continue to stick to their guns when it comes to Reigns and have him headline another major pay per view in a match nobody wants to see?  There may be rioting, but it definitely could happen.  Or do they go with a fresh face and see if he has the goods to compete at that level?  Despite the negativity that surrounds Reigns, he has actually proven a few times that he’s more than capable of delivering under the bright lights so it actually makes more sense for him to win.  But like Ambrose, I just have this weird feeling about Strowman.  He’s been generating a ton of heat from the WWE fans and this is a way he can get the victory without seeing Roman get pinned.  I think he’s going to get the job done.

Winner: Braun Strowman