Why Enzo Amore and Big Cass Will Be Reunited Before WrestleMania 34


At the WWE Great Balls of Fire pay-per-view, Enzo Amore will be competing against his former “brother” and tag team partner, Big Cass.

This all stemmed from weeks of attacks on Enzo Amore, which shaped into a modern-day “whodunit” angle. Initially, Cass vowed to take out whoever attacked Enzo if General Manager Kurt Angle did not handle it first. This provoked more attacks on Enzo, and then surprisingly Cass.

Throughout the weeks of these attacks, names such as The Revival and Big Show all became suspects. The Revival were chosen due to being spotted backstage near where the attacks occurred, and Big Show due to briefly aligning with Enzo when Cass was showing signs of jealousy.

The culmination of this angle resulted in Corey Graves actually being the one to proverbially spill the beans, revealing footage that Cass was feigning his attacks. This led Cass to admit that he was the culprit, stating that he was tired of Enzo running his mouth, and having to constantly play clean-up to get them out of numerous messes.

Apparently, WWE was very much invested into the angle, since it not only was the final segment, but it had more than a 10 minute overrun. The next week, however, is when the interest started to fade. As if most people were going to buy into the duo reforming after a poignant plea from Enzo, Cass pretended to be realigning with his former best friend. However, as expected, Cass turned on Enzo again.

Enzo actually cut a pretty good promo to open up the previous Raw episode, doing a good job with rallying the Phoenix crowd behind him.

Backstage, Cass (tried to) cut a heel promo. The problem is, it just did not reek of heel mannerisms. Unfortunately, for Cass, this could be a huge problem.

While the plan is to get Cass over as a strong heel, especially since Vince McMahon is high on him as a talent, the biggest reaction has been for his opponent since the split. Hopefully, McMahon does not lose complete interest in this project, and have Cass start to job to other talent sooner than later.

Cass defeating Enzo will not do very much to put him over as a strong heel. He may get some heat if he totally decimates Enzo, but most likely not very much. If he feuds with Big Show after this, it may help him a bit more. The issue is, Big Show needs to come back and gain more steam before he puts over Cass for it to really work.

Ultimately, the result of this project will most likely end in Enzo & Cass reuniting before WrestleMania 34. They could certainly reunite as a heel team, with Enzo realizing that the loyalty to his partner is more important than the fans. On the contrary, they could reform as a babyface team, with Cass saving Enzo during a time of peril, perhaps while competing in the Royal Rumble match.

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Although it is still early in the feud, the conclusion of the match at GBOF, along with the crowd reaction toward Cass, should be some form of indication of where he goes from there.