3 Potential Reasons AJ Styles Won the WWE US Title at a Live Event

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Credit: WWE.com

2. To Raise WWE Live Event Attendance

RAW and SmackDown have been in an undeniable rating slump as of late. Attendance of their shows has also been down lately which means that their WWE Live events have been doing even worse.

WWE Live events have been doing worse than the actual televised events, and the current slump for WWE certainly is not helping.

WWE Live events were not as enticing to fans due to the fact that it often had either “B” players on the show, predictable matches, no storyline advancement, or some combination of all of those.

WWE needed to give fans a reason to come out to watch the WWE Live events, and they decided to do that by adding an unpredictability factor. By having AJ Styles shockingly win the US Championship at a Live event, Live events have become must see.

This is because title changes or shocking events could happen at any time now. By having the title switch hands at a live event, it will make more fans go to the next ones so they make sure they don’t miss it if it happens again.

WWE is a business first, and this is a smart business move. If you want to make people come see your shows, you just have to give them a reason to go, and now Styles has provided that reason.